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Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography

Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography

We deal in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography, which is fine white color powder. Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography is a highly porous form of aluminum oxide and has excellent physical and chemical properties. We offer Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatography at market-leading prices.

Applications :
  • Aluminium oxide for chromatography is being used in the laboratory and in industrial production for preparative column chromatographic separations, isolation & purifications of antibiotics
  • As a support material in analytical chromatographic columns
  • Purification & dehydration of organic solvents
  • On industrial scale for the removal of small amounts of undesired components e.g.: Side reaction products from mother liquors, water from non-polar solvents, etc.
  • In the separation and purification of dyes, dye intermediates alkaloids, steroids, liquids, amino acids, hormones, aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, vitamins
  • For purification of natural products & herbals like reserpene, capsacin & some oleoresins
  • Storage Conditions: Store in a dry room. Prevention against water, acid and alkalis

Additional Information

Product Code Aluminium Oxide for Column Chromatograph

Technical Parameters

Grades Alumina- Basic Alumina-Neutral Alumina-Acidic
pH (5 % aqueous Solution) 9.5±0.5 7.0±0.5 4.5±0.5
Specific Surface [m2/gm] 180±10% 180±10% 180±10%
Brockman Activity I -II I -II I -II
Mean Pore Diameter [A] 60 60 60
Pore Volume [ml/gm] ~ 0.25 ~ 0.25 ~ 0.25
CI [mval/g] Nil 0.03 0.14
Fe2O3[%] 0.02 -0.04 0.01 -0.03 0.03 -0.05
Na2O [%] 0.25 -0.35 0.29 -0.35 0.25 -0.35
Bulk Density gm/lit ~ 920 ~ 920 ~ 920