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Molecular Sieve 13X

Molecular Sieve 13X

Molecular Sieve 13X is the sodium form of the type “X” crystal and has a much larger pore opening than the type “A” crystal. Molecular Sieve 13X will adsorb molecules with a kinetic diameter of less than 10 Angstrom (1.0nm) and exclude those larger. 13X Zeolite also has the highest theoretical capacity of the common adsorbents and very good mass transfer rates. Molecular Sieve 13X and pellets can improve impurities too large to fit into a type crystal and is commonly used to separate nitrogen from oxygen.

Typical Chemical Formula : Na86 [(AIO2)86(SiO2)106].XH2O

Typical Applications :
  • Isomerization feed desulphurising
  • Paraffin sweetening
  • Sweetening and drying of liquefied petroleum gas
  • Natural gas sweetening (Mercaptans removal)
  • Removing CO2 from steam cracked gas
  • Drying and sweetening of rocket propellant
  • Treatment of acetic acid process gases
  • NH3 synthesis gas drying and purifying
  • Solvent drying
  • Refrigerant purifying
  • Purification of H2
  • Removal of CO2 and H2O from air
  • Preservation of fruit and medicinal materials

Storage Conditions :
  • Store in a dry room.
  • Prevention against water, acid and alkalis