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Molecular Sieve 3A

Molecular Sieve 3A

Molecular Sieve 3A is an alkali metal alumina-silicate. 3A Zeolite is the potassium form of the type “A” crystal structure. Molecular Sieve 3A has an effective pore opening of about 30 (0.3 nm). This is large enough to allow in moisture, but excludes molecules such as unsaturated hydrocarbons which can potentially form polymers; and this maximizes lifetime when dehydrating such molecules.

Typical Chemical Formula : K72Na48 [(AIO2)12(SiO2)12].XH2O

Typical Applications :
  • Olefin drying (ethylene, propylene, butadiene)
  • Alkyone drying
  • Drying of polar liquids (methanol, ethanol)
  • Drying of cracking gas
  • Drying of cracking liquid
  • Drying of polymer plant feed
  • Drying refrigerants
  • Drying of liquefied petroleum gas
  • Deep drying of kerosene and jet fuel
  • Drying of air in insulated windows (double windows)
  • Solvent drying
  • Drying N2-H2
  • CO2 drying

Storage Conditions : Store in a dry room. Prevention against water, acid and alkalis

*This is the typical parameter of this kind, different Applications require different parameter, please contact us for detail.