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Molecular Sieve

The company offers Molecular Sieve or Zeolite Desiccant Products like Molecular Sieve 3A, 4A, 5A & 13X in Beads, Pellets & Powder foam. Molecular Sieve is in the form of pellets, powder and bead mineral materials - synthetic zeolites with three dimensional crystalline structures. When molecular sieve is activated, they become powerful adsorbents with a strong affinity for water, CO2, H2S and other polar molecules. They have a high adsorbing capacity over a wide range of operating conditions. The range of Molecular Sieve made available by us includes Activated Molecular Sieve Powder, Molecular Sieve 3A, Molecular Sieve 4A, Molecular Sieve 5A and Molecular Sieve 13X.

Uses :
  • Isomerization feed desulphurising
  • Dehydration of many kinds of liquids (say Ethanol)
  • Ethanol drying, separation, purification and dehydration
  • Dehydration of cracked gas, ethylene, ethyne, propylene or butadiene
  • Carbon dioxide removal from water
  • Dehydration oxygen removal from air
  • Paraffin sweetening
  • Sweetening and drying of liquefied petroleum gas
  • Removing CO2 steam cracked gas
  • Drying and sweetening of rocket propellant
  • Treatment of acetic acid process gases
  • NH3 synthesis gas drying and purifying
  • Solvent drying
  • Refrigerant purifying
  • Purification of H2
  • Removal of CO2 and H2O from air
  • Preservation of fruit and medicinal materials
  • Liquid hydrocarbon and natural gas sweetening (H2S and mercaptan removal)
  • Type 13X can absorb molecules of larger critical diameters, such as aromatics and branched-chain hydrocarbon
  • Type 13X is used commercially for general gas drying, air plant feed purification (simultaneous removal of H2O and CO2)
  • Carbon dioxide removal from natural gas
  • Naphtha drying and treatment of acetic acid process gases

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