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Pharmaceutical Coils

The Pharmaceutical Coils available with us come in three types of Fiber: Cotton, Polyester and Rayon. Chromatography Adsorbents provide distinct advantages and Applications. Pharmaceutical Coils are manufactured using 100% bleached, absorbent cotton. It is selected for its clean, uniform fibers and is designed to give superior performance in packaging of pharmaceutical products. Rayon Coils is formulated of 100% rayon fibers providing a uniform fiber coil. Polyester Coil is white, odorless, soft, uniformly carded, low moisture, resilient material.

Coils Characteristics :
  • Gram Weight : the weight of coil per one yard length
  • The higher the gram weight, the thicker the coil
  • There are 15.43 grains per gram and 453.66 grams per pound.
  • Standard industry gram weights are 9 gram, 12 gram and 16 gram.
  • Cotton and Rayon Coil meet USP and FP standards.
  • A certificate of Analysis accompanies each shipment.

Applications :
Pharmaceutical Coils are used for tablets and capsules packaging to provide safe, non toxic, economical, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, traditional filler. It ensures freshness and stability in shipping and storing of ethical and generic pharmaceutical, vitamins and food supplements.

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